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Friday Potluck.

What are you bringing?

Take a look at the list on the right. That's what people have said they are bringing so far to our Friday potluck. If you're flying in, or don't have time to prep the amazing dish you might have otherwise prepared, don't worry, there are big grocery stores in Buellton. Stop and grab a watermelon, or some beef jerky, or a loaf of bread, or a bottle of wine! Basically, whatever you bring will be enjoyed and appreciated.

There is a restaurant-size kitchen on-site for everyone to use, but only use it if you really want to. There are large, walk-in refrigerators available for everyone to use as well for the whole weekend. So, if you can't bring a cooler, you don't have to.

Click here to post your potluck item!

Or, send your item to: damonvd@ucla.edu




Molly & Damon: Plates, Knives, Forks, Hot Grills, Charcoal, Beer, Sangria, Soft Drinks, Hamburgers, Potato Salad.

Sally: BBQ chicken

Rich: Baby Back Ribs + Gingersnaps

Lila: Grilled Indian Chicken w/ yogurt marinade

Yvonne: Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Yoshie: Beef Teriyaki (from the north pole)

Elvin: Arroz con Pollo

Ed & Diana: Pork Loin

Twilight & Justin: sticky rice with mango

Kristina & Tim: chicago-style hotdogs

Melanie & Joel: Pie

Steve: shrimp-on-a-stick

Wyatt & Ginny: homemade spicy pickles

Jackie: large green salad with vegetables

Sara: coleslaw

Dirk & Leslie: ceviche and/or sashimi

Pam: Rice Balls

Dan: Kangaroo & Alligator

Elias, Ragnhild & Jostein: couscous salad

Corrina & Jill: s'mores

Rebecca: homemade apple pies

Marion & John: steak & chips

Caroline & Stephanie: veggie burgers & dogs

Steve & Peggy: Green Salad

Morioka & Ron: southwest salad

Shannon: seaweed salad

Gaby & Angeleline: umi & fish

Gabriel: cauliflower cheese pie