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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I book a cabin?
A: Damon and Molly are coordinating the cabin assignments and payments. Please do not contact Zaca Lake directly.

Q: Who do I pay for my cabin?

A: Please make your check out to Mary Smith. Molly will be paying Zaca directly in one lump sum.

Q: What should we bring?
A: Go to "Welcome to Zaca Lake"

Q: Do I have to stay at the lake?

A: The lake accommodations are not luxurious. Shared cabins with bunkbeds make up the bulk of lodging at Zaca lake. The grounds are beautiful and you don't have to drive anywhere. If you would prefer to stay at a hotel, we have a list of hotels that we recommend.

Q: What about food for the weekend?
A: Friday night will be a potluck, so bring a dish. A potluck bulletin board is available here: Click here to see what to bring.

You should also bring food for Saturday morning and Saturday lunch. We are providing drinks and all other meals. There are big grocery stores in Buellton. We have walk-in refrigerators you can use in the lounge/kitchen building. Or, bring coolers. Or both. You can cook, or do food prep whenever you want in the shared kitchen.

Q: How late can we stay at Zaca on Sunday?
A: Check out from the cabins is at 11am on Sunday. You can hang out at the lake until 2pm.

Q. How far is Zaca Lake from Los Angeles?
A: Zaca Lake is about 150 miles from L.A., or about a 2 1/2 hour drive.

Q: What will the temperature be like in October?
A: The average temperature in October is between 65 - 75° F in the day; 50 - 60 ° F in the evening.